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Merit award system

The merit system is an integral part of the student welfare program at Crestwood Public School.

The aim is to encourage each student to strive for their personal best. 

The CPS Merit Award is a tiered system spanning a students' whole school career at Crestwood Public School. The tiered system is where certificates are traded for the next level of award. The system rolls over from year to year and the onus for keeping and trading awards is with the student. 

Our award system is designed to provide individual students with positive recognition of effort, achievement and progress. Students accumulate merit awards as recognition for their achievement as they progress through a levelled award system as they aim to achieve a principal's medallion throughout their years at Crestwood PS. 

Students earn CPS merit award certificates from their teachers to reward positive behaviour and encourage and celebrate participation, effort and achievement in all areas of school life. 

In addition, with the PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) behaviour system, students are also awarded a ‘Crest' for being a safe, responsible, respectful learner in our playground and in the classroom. Each time students have accumulated 10 crests, the student receives a CPS Merit Award. They are also eligible to attend a special event at the end of each term. 

The system of exchange is as follows: 

  • 5 Merit awards = 1 achievement award  - When students accumulate a set of 5 Merit Awards, they are automatically converted into an Achievement Award through our digital system. These are updated every 3-4 weeks and distributed directly to students. 
  • 5 Achievement awards = 1 level award  -When students accumulate a set of 5 Achievement Awards, they present them to their classroom teacher. Names are then recorded for students to be presented a levelled recognition award at the next school assembly (Weeks 5 and 10 each term). 
  • There are 7 levels through our Crestwood PS Awards across K-6: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Opal, Platinum, Diamond, Principal's Medallion. Most students are expected to achieve the Platinum or Diamond level by the end of Year 6 with a further goal of the Principal's Medallion being highly valued.

View and download the award system (pdf 186 KB) for more information

When a student achieves each level, they receive their award at the K-6 Assembly which parents are invited to attend. 

Please note: Merit Awards are automatically entered into a data base. Students no longer need to return merits to school to trade them. For details on the most recent updates, please see the Awards Information Letter from February 2023.