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Prospective student enrolment advice

Out of Area Enrolments into other years

Due to the high demand for places at Crestwood from students who live in the local drawing area, there are few places for non local students. 

The correct procedure for all other enrolments is to apply to the school directly. An appointment will be made with the school to review any documentation provided.

If you are successful in obtaining an interview, you must bring both a copy and the originals of all documents listed in the enrolment policy.

If the application is successful, enrolment forms and support documentation will be provided and a starting date set.

All enrolment applications must be accompanied by proof of residence. This must include a proof of ownership of the property or a signed rental lease through a registered real estate agent. In some circumstances the school may require the provision of one or more statutory declarations confirming the residential address.

Enrolments may be withdrawn if it is subsequently found that false information has been given.
We can help you with your enrolment enquiries anytime throughout the year.