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Crestwood Band

The Crestwood Band Program, under the direction of Mr Garry Clark, has been perfected over many years. In 2023, we celebrate 40 years of the band program, which has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Many other school band programs have been developed following the Crestwood model. There are three bands in the Crestwood Program: Junior Band, Senior Band and Concert Band.

Crestwood bands have played at some of Sydney's most prestigious competitions and festivals over the years, including the Sydney Opera House, eisteddfods in Ryde, Orange, Dubbo, Hawkesbury, Dural and Galston, The Sydney Royal Easter Show, Dubbo Jazz Festival, The Hills Performing Arts Festival, Primary Proms in Sydney Town Hall, Western Sydney Region Music Festival, the Orange Blossom Festival and Celebrating the Arts. The bands regularly take part, with great success, in the Sydney Eisteddfod and the NSW School Band Festival. Each year, Crestwood Senior and Concert Bands host the senior bands from another school at our Combined Bands Day, where over 100 students perform together as one ‘super band’ for the day.

About the Band Program

The Crestwood Public School Band Program gives each student the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and to be a member of a band. Students are able to apply the skills acquired in the program, thus sharing these skills with their peers, family, the school and general community.

The Crestwood Public School Band Program is an integral part of the education program at Crestwood Public School. The program is operated by the Crestwood Public School Band Association Incorporated.

As with the development of most skills, musical development differs from one student to another. For this reason, the Band Program includes three levels:

·         Junior Band — all band members are in their first year of playing an instrument.

·         Senior Band — all band members have played an instrument for at least one full year.

·         Concert Band — the highest level of playing. All band members must audition to gain a place in the Concert Band.

The three levels ensure that each child is given the opportunity to participate at a level equivalent to his or her stage of development.

The Band Program allows for entry at different ages, i.e. entry is open to students in Years 3 and 4. This may result in a two-year age difference between members in their second year of band. This is consistent with the Band Program's basic aim of providing all children with an opportunity to reach their full potential.


Aims of the Band Program

The Crestwood Public School Band Program aims to contribute to each student's musical, social and personal development.

Our musical aims are to:

·         Give students, regardless of previous musical experience, the opportunity to play an instrument.

·         Give all students who play an instrument the opportunity to play in a band that corresponds to their level of musical development.

·         Develop an appreciation and understanding of a wide range of musical styles.

·         Develop aural and expressive musical skills.

·         Develop self-discipline through a structured program of tuition and practice.

·         Provide the opportunity for students to perform for others to enjoy.

·         Enable students to derive satisfaction and pleasure from their participation in the Band Program.

Participation in the Band Program assists the student's development of:

·         team and community spirit

·         self-esteem

·         social interaction

·         self-discipline and responsibility

·         a sense of commitment.

It is widely acknowledged that music education, particularly if commenced at an early age, may contribute significantly to a student's academic development.


What the Band Program Involves

The Band Program has five main parts:
1. rehearsals
2. tutorials
3. performances
4. home practice
5. band camp.


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