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School Context

Crestwood Public School is an inclusive and dynamic school with an enrolment of 742 students. Our school has a high expectations culture where we know our students well, value them as learners and understand how to support their learning. There is a focus on continuous data-informed improvement with a commitment to pursuing innovative approaches to teaching, learning and leading. As a community, Crestwood PS places great value on the development of the whole child, underpinned by a strong passion for promoting positive student wellbeing.

Our families come from a range of educational, cultural, language and socio-economic backgrounds, yet share common aspirations for their children: academic achievement; growth mindset; and wellbeing. With 58% of our students from 45 different language backgrounds, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive learning environment that supports all students. We ensure that through explicit teaching and personalised learning, we meet the varied needs of each student.  

At Crestwood Public School, students are prepared for engagement and participation in Australian society. Through meaningful opportunities for student participation and leadership including voice and decision-making, we promote student wellbeing and school excellence. An intrinsic desire to learn is fostered through a variety of classroom and extracurricular activities designed to challenge each child to pursue personal excellence. Supportive relationships and quality experiences ensure students develop their intellectual, physical, social-emotional and creative potential.  

At Crestwood Public School, student achievement, progress and learning goals are well known by teachers resulting in all students being engaged and challenged to achieve their learning potential, through an emphasis on explicit teaching, differentiation and collaborative practice. Through the development of our situational analysis, we have identified a need to refine the use of evidence-based and data-driven practices as well as fostering stronger student collaboration and critical thinking. 

Crestwood Public School is supported by an active parent body whose shared purpose is to enable students to be the best that they can be, to learn and interact and to have the resources that they need to achieve the goals and dreams to which they aspire. For each student as an individual, we work together to support students to achieve their potential.

School Vision Statement

At Crestwood Public School, we are deeply committed to ensuring that every student, teacher and family is known, valued and cared for. Through fostering an inclusive, nurturing and challenging learning environment, our students will be supported to achieve personal and academic success.  We value the collective wellbeing of our community, striving to  work collaboratively with all key stakeholders. Promoting these authentic partnerships ensures a focus on continuous improvement each year for every student, teacher and leader. 

We are devoted to empowering our students as they become motivated and active lifelong learners who are compassionate, ethical and innovative global citizens. By delivering best practice in teaching and learning and embedding a strong sense of social justice, we aim to inspire our students to flourish as people and make a meaningful difference.