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Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge is a reading initiative in NSW where students are rewarded for reading. Students must read a number of books and are rewarded with a certificate from the Premier of NSW. At Crestwood PS we also reward students with a Merit certificate.

The challenge aims to encourage in students a love of reading for leisure and pleasure and to enable students to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read more and to read more widely. At Crestwood PS we encourage all students K-6 to complete the challenge as it supports all of our home reading programs across the school.

In K-2 students are not expected to read all of the books independently. Any books that are read to the students by teachers or caregivers can be entered into their student reading record. This ensures that all students are experiencing quality literature and modelled reading which are essential components of early reading programs.

All reading records are updated online and students are shown how to do this in their weekly library lessons. Parental assistance is required for the younger students and paper copies of the Student Reading Record can be printed out from the website.

How to update your Student Reading Record

  • Visit the Premier's Reading Challenge website:
  • Log on using your internet username and password. Students use this to access the computers at school. See your child's teacher or Mrs Dallaway if you are unsure.
  • Click on Student reading records and enter the book using the ID code or the title or the author
  • Click add

In K-2, students need to experience 30 books to complete the challenge and 5 of these are free choice and do not have to be on the list. Students in 3-6 need to read 20 books to complete the challenge which includes the 5 free choice titles.

After completing the challenge students will receive a Merit certificate from school. The official Premier's Reading Challenge Certificates are distributed at the end of the year.

Visit the website or see the Teacher Librarian, Mrs Dallaway, for more information.